Dear Valued Client,

I acknowledge that the service is final after the application of my extensions. Any changes to style I want to achieve after application will be charged accordingly.

I acknowledge that hair extensions are very sensitive and different from intact human hair. I have been informed of the daily maintenance procedures. I will follow the daily maintenance procedures to keep my extensions in the best condition possible.

In the event that I decide to not keep the hair extensions, I am fully responsible for the total payment of services rendered. I understand that no changes may be made to the color and length of my extensions once they have been ordered.

I understand that there are no refunds on hair extensions.

I understand that if I want a different color than what I ordered, I do have the option to ask a certified extension specialist if the hair can be colored to my liking, and I will be charged accordingly for this service.

HairTalk Hassle-Free Warranty:

Hairtalk® Extensions offers a six (6) month pro-rated Hassle-Free Warranty against manufacturing defects from the date of invoice on all Human Hair Products, and a 3-month pro-rated Hassle-Free Warranty against manufacturing defects from the date of invoice on all Hair Blend Products. Under the Hassle-Free Warranty, the Customer will receive a pro-rated credit for the claimed good at the time of receipt and processing, regardless of whether there is a true manufacturing defect or not. Customer must purchase a replacement good at the time of requesting a return authorization in order to receive a credit at the time of inspection.

In order to be covered by the Hassle-Free Warranty, Customer must use hairtalk® Adhesive Bands and Haircare on hairtalk® Extensions within the required ranges as provided by hairtalk®. Please contact hairtalk® for more information on the required ranges to be covered by the Hassle-Free Warranty. Chemical processing, intentional misuse or the removal or modification of any of the original components VOIDS the warranty and Seller will not be held responsible. Participation in the Hassle-Free Warranty is determined exclusively by hairtalk® Extensions. hairtalk® Extensions may terminate a customers’ participation in the Hassle-Free Warranty at any time, at which time the Customer reverts to the hairtalk® Limited Warranty claims process.

Thank you,

Jose Luis Salon & Boutique

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