I, have received a hair analysis and consultation with a Global Keratin specialist. I have provided all information regarding previous treatments to my hair and/ or color that may or may not affect the outcome of my service. My stylist has explained to me the process s/he recommends for my hair type, texture, condition and desired results. I have been given aftercare instructions and product recommendations to best care for, preserve and prolong my treatment results. I am not pregnant or nursing and I have advised my stylist of any potential concerning medical conditions that I have listed below.


I understand that treatments such as Global Keratin are smoothing treatments which greatly reduce frizz, bulk and curl, but are not to be supplemented as a permanent straightening system. Results vary and I have been advised as to the results I personally can expect from this treatment and how to maintain it. Global Keratin Smoothing Treatments can produce fumes which may cause irritations in some sensitive individuals. However, the service will be performed in a well ventilated area and I have been offered the option of a towel or shield for my eyes and face should they become sensitive.


I have read, understand, and fully agree to the terms of this Waiver and Release Form. I understand and confirm that by signing this form, I hereby waive and release Jose Luis Salon and its employee(s) of and from any and all claims, damages and liabilities, of every kind and nature, arising from or in any way related to the services being provided to me by Jose Luis Salon.


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