Dear valued client,

You have chosen to receive a chemical service with us. We pride ourselves on our high level of skill and our long lasting relationships with our guests. Here are some tips that can make your service results more successful:

1. Please keep in mind that chemical services can have varying results based on your individual hair
2. It is extremely important that you make your stylist aware of any and all other processes you have used on your hair.

You are choosing to receive a service that will require more than one visit to the salon. Only after we’ve gathered all the facts do we determine the best plan of action for helping you reach your desired results. It may take more than one appointment or even several months, but we will get you there. To set the correct expectations, it is important that you pay attention to the recommendations of your stylist and ask any questions that may arise during your initial consultation.

Thank you,

Jose Luis Salon & Boutique

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I have been made aware by my technician at Jose Luis Salon, that I am choosing to receive a desired result that will require more than one appointment. I am aware that I will not receive my desired result at my appointment today. I have made my stylist aware of all the processes I have used on my hair in the recent months to assist in their assessment of my hair’s current status and the process that I need to achieve my desired results. I realize that this is very important information and that any information I withhold regarding my previous processes will increase my chances of damage and the potential for unpredictable chemical reactions. I am also aware that chemical processes may cause some damage to the integrity of my hair and that my technician has been trained in the service technique, and they will do their absolute best to create the desired results. With this understanding, I will not hold liable Jose Luis Salon or my technician if the process has unexpected or undesired results. *