Working Smarter

Arrive 15- 20 minutes before your first client. Arriving early to your studio to tear foils, prepare your color cart, fold laundry and return messages will set your day up for success. Being prepared for your day allows you to focus on your clients and not stress about studio housekeeping tasks. We’ve all torn foils in a tizzy and put ourselves behind. It’s time to bring your A-game.

Sell Retail. Selling retail products is the fastest way to increase your income by 10% to 200%. I know it sounds daunting, but a few simple tricks, such as handing the product to your guest after using it on them to allow them to feel it and smell it, will invite them to want to know more. It’s all about education—your guests want to be shown how to recreate their look at home. Send them home with the products they need, and throw in a few samples if you want to introduce them to something new you’re carrying. We literally have extra income sitting on our shelves, its time to take that money to the bank.

Schedule Your Social Media Posts. Social Media is the most effective way to connect with existing clients and build our clientele. However, posting to social media platforms can get pushed to the back burner on a busy salon day. Using apps like Buffer and Hootsuite to schedule your social media posts keeps you and your salon visible even when you're in the middle of a busy salon day. By setting aside a few moments early in the week to schedule your posts with one of these free services, you'll gain more followers and create more traffic to your salon’s social media platforms.